Thursday, March 3, 2011

Suddenly, the world is getting smaller!

Greetings! I am finally getting into the “blog spirit!” I have considered doing one for some time now, and I’m not sure how often I’ll get to this, but at least I’m finally getting started. As I often tell myself, “the only way to do it, is to do it!”

Even though the Internet has been around for a while now, it still does not cease to amaze me just how small the world really is because of this instantaneous communication.

The Web offers so many benefits, including the fact I have become a better writer because of it. Whether I’m writing a press release or an article, I rely on the Internet for a quick reference or to fact check something. How about you? Has it improved your writing?

Well, it’s time for me to pay attention to my clients now. So I’m signing off for now.

With gratitude,

Doreen Poreba, APR, is an accredited public relations professional with more than 25 years of experience on both sides of the media fence in both PR and journalism. She is the founder of The PR Czar® Inc., a full service PR agency serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches and now with the Internet — the world!

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